Prada Creative Writing Competition

Believe it or not, but Prada is having a short story competition! I read about it a week ago but forgot to mention it. The prompt, and description, is as follows: “What are the realities that our eyes give back to us? And how are these realities filtered through lenses?” By using the metaphor of … Continue reading Prada Creative Writing Competition

My short story won!

Yes, I am speaking of LitReactor's annual writing challenge. 'Our Masters' was voted one of the winners! This feels amazing, especially considering there were over 150 entries. Thanks for all your support! If you haven't read it yet, you should do so while its up: NOTE: You need to log in using a Facebook account … Continue reading My short story won!

The (almost) Ultimate Writing Resource

Here's another top Reddit link from the "Writing" subreddit. It is a collection of top-posts, articles, and other information regarding writing. Here's everything from Creative Boosts, Worldbuilding, setting, how to "show not tell," grammar, sentence construction, pacing, character specific advice, and much more! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. Most links do, … Continue reading The (almost) Ultimate Writing Resource

Writer’s block? This can help!

I tend to browse Reddit's writing subreddit quite a lot. Authors, both professional and unpublished, as well as agents and editors, hang out there and provide useful information regarding anything from general writing advice, insider advice, to detailed feedback on works-in-progress. A few days ago a website called "Oblique Cards" reached reached /r/writing's front page. … Continue reading Writer’s block? This can help!

Two places to send Sci-Fi stories!

Litreactor's "Teleport Us" event is now over. I don't know how many points I received or how far I made it one the top-list, but I'll tell you once I know! One of the participants, Liam Hogan, suggested two places to send eventual stories after the event. Since all the participants are still waiting for … Continue reading Two places to send Sci-Fi stories!

“Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!

My short story, Our Masters, is up for the "Teleport Us" Sci-Fi writing event over at LitReactor. You can find my story here! ( I would be incredibly happy if you read, rated, and commented on it (truthfully! If it is bad, please be honest and say so, and offer advice on improvement). You need to be a member … Continue reading “Our Masters” is up on LitReactor!