Meeting the Archangel

Meeting the Archangel

Descended thus, did he.

The angel with one wing.

Who are you?

“I am summoned to bring forth a world of suffering.”


“Of your past, was I, and thus the remedy for hurt.

Of your present, am I, and thus embodying all woe.

Of your future, will I be, and thus end mankind’s tomorrow.

Of your grief was I born.

Until you know yourself

All form of lust you hold shall tremble at my fingers.”

I spoke blank thoughts

and slurs of the tongue.

“Are you a swirl

of darkness incarnate

or a female’s bosom

eaten by a badger?”

I am all but myself.

“Then I shall be you.”

– F H Hakansson

9 thoughts on “Meeting the Archangel

  1. A wonderful piece..reflects deep understanding of how things come to be..not all that complicated but seems folks do not get it..positive good trust is one way..defensive insecure guilt is opposite and all the things in between..if folks would not be so self indulgent I believe they could live and share as never before..Peace Tony

    1. Thank you for you comment and analysis! I agree. The poem seems more complicated than it is on first glance. You did a good job finding the themes embedded in the poem and I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 Regards, Fredrik

  2. Omigosh.That’s like…Professional stuff. *Jealous*
    Hey future best friend, you should join ‘Booksie’ you remind me of some peeps on there, they’ll love you. I personally love that site, you’ll probably hit 100 fans in one day!

    1. haha, well thank you future best friend! ;D
      That’s such a good advice! I just went there (to think I never heard of it before?) and I’ll put my work on there as well from now on.
      And if I do hit 100 fans in a day I’ll actually buy a cake and celebrate. I’ll send a picture of it to you 😀

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