Where is the Revolution?

I see protests and men raising their voice against corporate giants and world leaders. Where is the force? Where is the power behind your words? Will you simply march amilessly through the streets and hope for change? You need to realise that change never comes unless you act forcefully and violate the laws until they are torn down and rewritten. What unfolds before you is the manifestation of hell yet you chose to see it through a hazy fog. Unless you see the world through clear eyes you shall remain to the leaders and giants as locust are to the harvest.

You wish for change and so I ask you – Where is the revolution? You bear the mask of Guy Fawkes and promise change yet you give us nothing even though you have the power of many and Democracy in your hands. Force lies in numbers and thus you have been given a name that belongs to all yet to no one.

Where is the revolution? I can answer that. The governments of the world needs to be overthrown – of that there is no doubt – a new world order is needed. The problem lies in what comes next. How can we create a new, a better, world when there is no man to lead us into a new world order of equality? Even if we were to find one of unrivalled charisma the problem lingers on. Shall we rework Capitalism and raise a new society based on an old ruling form? Shall we give an attempt at Communism once more in hope for a one class sate? Shall we adhere to new ideologies never proven and build a society of Objectivism? Or maybe we shall give a hand to Utilitarianism? No matter what we chose the problem remains the same. Who decides what will be the best overall good for everyone? How can we have a one class state when one rules the one class? How can we rebuild capitalism when we know that in a few years those with wealth and power will repeat the cuckold of society that currently strangles the working class to death? Simply put – one cannot have an Utopia where humans reign. Nothing can be distrubted equally and a chosen few will always hold more than the rest.

What does it take do defy our humanity?  A serum that keeps us pacified? No. All it takes – is I. I am required and so is the ideology I am feeding you. The one that soon will reach the hands of common man. The one ideology that will put mankind in equilibrium until transcendence from our human condition. Soon, my brothers and sister, our time will come. Corporation and governments will be overthrown and a new dawn will be brought to mankind.

– Stephen Reyes

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