Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a wonderful and fun game. At times it gets buggy. Bugs are most often funny but sometimes they can ruin a whole game. Luckily I’ve only encountered the first kind so far. Wandering around Skyrim I killed a dragon. Nothing special really. The problems came afterwards. The dragon’s carcass would follow me wherever I fast travelled. It would spawn from nowhere and fall dead out of the sky. Strangely it still has its skin attached (dead dragons turn to skeletons). And so it happened that I fast travelled to a small town somewhere in Skyrim. Behold players of the world – the first dragon every to haunt! I shall call him “The Dragon ghost of  a gamer’s future.” The dead dragon followed me, of course. Townspeople ran up to it and said

“You took its very soul!” (or something like that, which is funny, since they never saw me do it, and the dragon still had its scales on!)

Anyhow. Suddenly the Dragon music thundered and a new dragon flew above me. I killed it. Funnily enough it fell dead right next to the old dragon’s corpse. So it looked like I killed two dragons at once! Hurray for me. Too bad I couldn’t record it. At least I took some pictures.


Also, how annoying is Lydia? Anyhow! That’s not all I wanted to say. I got a mail from BioWare a few hours ago asking me to participate in the Star Wars: the Old Republic beta! Hurray! I’m currently installing it. I will be back with impressions later. Still haven’t decided what class/race I should play.. Oh well!



– F H Hakansson

8 thoughts on “Skyrim and Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta!

  1. While I write about revolution and a new world order you publish yet another post about video games? Maybe I chose the wrong author to collaborate with…

      1. And we all know what fate he faced. If he listened more closely to me things would have turned out differently. His humanity got the best of him. End of discussion.

    1. I know. And then she always gets so frustrated when I run into her because she’s standing in the way. I want a good archer by my side…. or an awesome magician. Like a necromancer or conjurer!

  2. The best bug I’ve encountered is one where I’m supposed to speak with a NPC about something, only to find he is in jail and cannot (or will not) move ever so slightly closer to the front of his cell so I can “talk” with him. I’ve played about 40 real-time hours of Skyrim, and he has been at the back of his (unusually large) cell the whole time…

    1. Haha, that must be so annoying! I love Skyrim but the bugs and glitches can be a bit too much at times.
      I sometimes wish we still had cheating devices like “Action Replay” for current gen consoles. It would really help when a game glitches on us (which seems to happen a lot these days). At least the PC gamers can mod the game and use console commands to make it right…

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