25% of target completed.

Yes, the 25% milestone was long sought after. Now it is here. Hopefully the novel will be finished within 2 months, but I cannot know for sure.

As the word counter increases by the second I think more and more about the future. What will come and how will I react to it? There is no use in speculating for, whatever happens, I cannot change it. My actions, and my thoughts, are but insignificant cogs in the work of reality.

Yet I feel that some aspects of Stephen and I are growing increasing indistinguishable. This is something to fear.

But he should not linger in my mind, not now anyway, not while Damien has not finished his journey. Damien, I would like to tell you all, is the protagonist of the project I am currently working on.

I apologize for not yet having a nice picture on the front page. It will come. Until then I advise you to join me on Ustream to see my project being completed in real time!

Press “Live!” on the top menu or simply click here!

– F H Hakansson

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