London Riots

Ah, yes. The London Riots. Weakness is the word.

This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with economy, certainly, which in a way can be linked to race in the United Kingdom.

But these factors are not of importance. Dominance, and the assertion of authority, is what is important.

During the Cold War men were happy in their fear. Blissful for every day. Not now, not any more.

We have turned against each other. This is the result.

The government has to step in and show that they are the one in power. Authoritarianism is the future.

If I had control and ruled the United Kingdom the decision would have been easy.

There would have been a warning on national television, radio, and all forms of telecommunication and social media, that parents should keep their children home, and adults should not go near the riots. Because the hand of authority, the police, would open fire in 24 hours.

Escalation of violence for a day or two. Then silence. Deadly silence.

 – Stephen Reyes

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