Creating Utopia

After reading about the horrible events in Norway I am convinced that I need to work faster. Even though I condemn, and utterly despise, the actions of Anders Behring Breivik I have to say he was a strong individual. Imagine what he could have accomplished if he had put all of his efforts into something else, something to praise instead of condemn. I know that there are, unfortunately, many who share his beliefs and praise his actions, and I fear this is only the beginning. In a world where the government avoids, and outrightly denies, the conflicts plaguing our society, abominations like Anders are created. I am convinced that instead of thoroughly examined the demon inside, the one guiding his actions and killing nearly a hundred of innocent humans, the government will simply call him unstable, unique, and a psychopath, and then let him fade into forgotten history. More like him will come. Not only others who believe that he was just, but those who believe that he was unjust will appear as well, and replicate the horrible actions he committed. In such an event the distinction between left or right will be blurred. This will escalate until there is war and our fragile world order, already on the brink of economical, social, and political collapse, will fall and anarchy will reign. That is why I need to hurry. The world has been stuck in a loop of flawed ideology for too long. It needs renewal. Marx saw solutions in the contemporary world and the Capitalist system created a world power that ruled the Earth for a century. A century is a lifetime in an age ruled by technology and thoughts not even considered, or devised, a hundred years ago. A renewal is necessary – a renewal where the people from both left and right unite to create a new world order, a world order unlike anything even tried, or even thought of, before in human history. I have to hurry in guiding man into Utopia before unparalleled peril face us and change only comes after the reconstruction of society.

– Stephen Reyes

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