A week of travel!

Where have I been these past few days? Lots of places.

It began with a visit to my girlfriend’s parents, then we went to the most fairy-tale wedding I have ever been to. 

The wedding celebration lasted two days. I then went to Stockholm to visit my parents and listen to my girlfriend hold a presentation.

Afterwards, I flew straight to Manchester for an interview.

The moment I got back it was time to celebrate Eurovision (I live 10 minutes from Malmo arena. I could practically hear them by opening the window).

A friend then came to visit. I also attended a cultural job expo, and a Undergraduate exhibition, before going to the cinema yesterday.

I truly wish I took more photos. It was in the back of my mind the whole time, you need to remember the pictures, but I just forgot! Well, for the most part. Here are some of the ones I took (and I apologize for the poor quality. I usually make a great effort with the pictures I upload here):



The pizza is from Manchester (a place called Dough Pizza Kitchen). It might not look appetizing but it was real good! They even had a desert pizza that I will have to try when I go back! There will be pictures of that.


I also work on an undisclosed project at the moment. No, it is not another novel, or short story, or anything like that. I hope to tell you about it soon. Let’s just say it takes up a lot of time and is the main reason I need to summarize my trips like this instead of having really long posts for each one of them.

If things go as plan I will unveil the project in a week or two. It will be around the same time I will lock myself in to complete Project 3.

Also, if you’re looking for places to submit writing during June/July, go here: http://aerogrammestudio.com/2013/05/17/opportunities-for-writers-june-and-july-2013/



8 thoughts on “A week of travel!

  1. Ah, Sweden looks so nice and lovely! We don’t have 800 year old churches down here … I really miss this kind of architecture.
    You and your photos of food 😛
    I wonder what your new project is, can’t wait to hear more about it! 😀

    1. It was an amazing church! Really bad I didn’t get any more pictures :/
      Haha, I really hope it turns out okay. It might be a bit longer than two weeks for the unveil (maybe even two months) but if everything crumbles and I end up abandoning the project I’ll still tell you what it was 😀

  2. Sounds like a blast. So, of course you have me intrigued with your new project. I am gonna guess you’re writing articles for a travel guide or something to do with traveling?

    1. I would have loved to write about travel! Maybe some day 🙂 No it’s something different! I really hope I can reveal it soon. All my work may amount to nothing though, but it’s a fun experience, so far at least.

    1. Hello Shakti and thank you for commenting! The best part was definitely the wedding. It’s good to know dreams still come true in such awesome ways. There will be more travel soon as well! I’ll be sure to make some new posts about that 🙂

      Regards, Fredrik

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