MA Creative Writing at the University of Manchester

University of Manchester logoI have some news for you. I have know what my future holds for a while but decided to wait before sharing. At the end of last year I decided to do an MA. After much research I applied to a few Universities, and after several interviews, e-mail exchanges, and much consideration of where I wanted to live and study during the coming year, I accepted my place at the University of Manchester. Starting this September I will be studying for an MA in Creative Writing. Hurray!

A few friends already know but I wanted to make it official with this post.

Now when that is out of the way – what else have I been doing lately?

I added a new contact form on the website! In case you ever need me urgently.

I am also going to Barcelona tomorrow so there won’t be any updates for a while.

And now it is time to unveil the “secret” projects I have been working on. I am the lead writer for two MMO video game projects. Development is still early and both teams are working on the prototypes. These prototypes might be discarded, and the projects cancelled, if we are unlucky, but if we do a good job one or both of them will become full fledged games in a few years! When there is actual game play to show I will post it here! So look forward to that.

Now I need to go and pack my bags. Let us hope I get a good tan and gain a tonne of weight.

12 thoughts on “MA Creative Writing at the University of Manchester

  1. Manchester, eh? Not my favourite UK city. (Edinburgh? Glasgow? (parts of) London). But not too far from me and so maybe we could get together sometime and do face to face? I would like that. Stay in touch; You have my e-mail. And, oh yes, congratulations on the acceptance. 🙂

    1. You know, I completely forgot to apply to any Universities in Scotland! St Andrews and Edinburgh would have been lovely to live in (if a bit cold) and their Universities are great as well. But in the end I do believe my choice would have remained the same. The University of Manchester is a great place to study and I do like the city. It really reminds me of Malmö (where I live now). Even the stores in the Arndale were located in the same approximate places as the central mall here (Triangeln).
      Yes, I would love that! I’ll let you know when I’ve moved. I will also read through the emails you sent me later today. I got back from my vacation yesterday and need some time to get settled 😀

      1. I don’t know where my mind was when I mentioned Glasgow. I meant to put Bristol and Edinburgh, not Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’ve only been once to St Andrews and about all I recall is that it was cold, windy and rather bleak. Manchester is also a good place for cultural events (cinema, theatre, concerts etc.)

  2. Oh nice, nice! Doing creative writing means you’ll have heaps of material to post on your blog, doesn’t it? 😉 Also, good luck with the MMO video game thing. Enjoy your trip to Barcelona!!

    1. Haha, it probably does! I do have a lot of stuff I haven’t published here. I realized a lot of magazines and other sites don’t want work that has already been published online. So I’m holding back a bit 🙂
      Thanks! Barcelona was lovely. Pictures will be up soon!

  3. Congrats Fredrick!!! I am happy for you, but at the same time, envious! I wish I could too!

    But best of luck!

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