Shopping time!

Last night I discovered, to my great horror, that my wonderful and custom suit no longer fits! It was loose! Can you believe it? I lost weight after tearing through Ben & Jerry’s at a rate of 123 litres a week! No wonder I was growing paranoid that my muscles were languishing. Luckily I found a great suit that I can wear for some very important upcoming events.

Shopping fix

Drink Juice

This is actually a picture from 2008. I believe it was taken by Andrei Selariu.

4 thoughts on “Shopping time!

  1. Ah, I hate those moments when you realise something doesn’t fit anymore! Especially when it’s a garment you’ve had for ages and you’ve grown to love … it’s sort of like breaking up!!! 😛

      1. Ummm, not so much clothes, no, but shoes break-ups? Definitely. I owned a pair of converse for like 3 years, wore them to school pretty much every day. Then one day my dad saw them and threw away, he said they had lived a long enough life … 😦 One of the saddest days of my life!

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