200 posts!


This is my 200th post! How time flies. To be honest, it did take longer than I expected, mainly because I don’t blog during the writing process, but here it is, roughly 18 months after my first entry introducing you to the new up-and-coming author Fredrik Hakansson! Much has happened since – mainly the completion of two novels, 100 or so poems, and four short stories. Some have been published here, some remain on my computer. I received my first payment as a writer in June of last year and recently won my first short story competition. I have also won about ten or so blogging awards. Agents in the UK are (hopefully) busy reading through the first chapters of Project 2 and soon I’ll send a specific agent in the US, who wanted to read YA if I ever wrote some, the manuscript for Project 1. This does not guarantee anything but it seems promising. Even if I get published next year, or after my death, writing is what keeps me going and I love telling stories, constructing intricate plots, and see my characters come to life. It’s what I live for and I’ll keep writing no matter what!

How will I celebrate this magical event? With Ben & Jerry’s, Swedish pick ‘n’ mix, and Game of Thrones – of course!

200 celebration fixed

I have a few readers who have, almost, followed me since day 1. They made blogging fun and their comments made me want to come back and keep writing. Thank you!

(I have many frequent followers and if you feel I should have mentioned you – please forgive me! Leave a comment if you’re a frequent visitor and I’ll make it up to you.)

Kate Johnston (4amwriter)

Eliza (iwritewhaticannotsay)

Ben (bennaga)

Will Of Heart (willofhearts)

Sultan Abdul Haseeb (sultanabdulhaseeb)

Nathanael Williams (robertsonomini)

Anne (annessays)

Pete Denton (petedenton)

Helena (witnessthefire)

I hope you stay with me for the whole ride. Do you have any favourite posts here on the site? Do you have suggestions for improvement? Cake? Anything else?

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

12 thoughts on “200 posts!

  1. I’m up for some cake, hell yeah! 😀
    Anyway, that’s the attitude to have – you gotta keep writing even if the agents decide not to publish your novels. That’s what this blog is for!! 🙂

    1. Exactly! 😀 And I have some other exiting news that I’m hoping to share on this blog soon (and I’m going for an interview in a week as well.)

      1. Interview? What for??? That’s exciting!!! Do share the link if it gets recorded … looking forward to more exciting news!!

  2. Must. Have. Cake.

    Congrats on your 200th post. I think you’ve done an extraordinary amount during your blogging career. I love your positive attitude towards your writing. That’s what will keep you going where others falter.

    Thanks for the mention, too.

  3. Oh my gosh I cannot believe I missed this! It makes me so happy that you mentioned me I feel so special! Congratulations, all of your work is really inspiring and I’m sure your work will be published soon. Definitely a reward of Ben and Jerry’s is necessary, and I also need to catch up on GoT too oops. xD

    1. You’re welcome! 😀 I hope so too. I will contact a lot of agencies once I move back to the UK so I hope the wheels start spinning soon. I still need to see the last episode of Season 3! Oh, when will I find the time? 😦

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