New Design

Now you might think Where am I? but rest assured – you are still at a place where dreams (hopefully) come true. Even though I felt the that the old and dark design fitted the themes and tones of my poetry and prose it was not always lenient on the eyes. I also wanted my main page to have a more traditional “blogging” format so you could simply scroll down and read instead of having to press each post to read it. I am hoping I will  update it more frequently now as well.

I also fixed the Live-stream. It should be working now and I promise I’ll turn it on every now and again. It was after all a very popular feature when it worked. What do you think? Did you prefer the old theme? Do you like the background?

new design

3 thoughts on “New Design

      1. I had two things in mind when I put together “Ben Naga” and “The Book Of Guff”.

        1. Accessibility for both the reader and the author.

        2. The creation of some sense of who wrote this and why.

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