Four places to send your writing!

More places to send writing, taken from the reddit writing-subreddit. The first three were found here and aren’t really meant for amateur writers – but you might get lucky!

  • The first one is the “Drue Heinz Literature Prize.” They want a collection of short fiction. The prize? Publication and $15 000! The downside is that you already need to have something published in print. Deadline is June 30th. For more info click here.
  • Next is the “Investigative Journalism Grant.” This is non-fiction, for someone who want to report on something, and you can apply for it several times during the course of the year. The sum of the grant differs but the average is $5000. For more info click here.
  • Lastly! “Writer’s Digest Writing Competition!” Now this is something for me! They accept several different categories of writing, such as Inspirational Writing, Essays, Memoirs, Poetry, Movie scripts, YA, Plays, Short Stories, and much more. You can win $3000, a talk with an agent/editor, a trip to a writing conference in NY, subscription to Writer’s Digest, and a meeting with a strategy consultant. Since this applies for practically every writer I urge you to apply! NOTE: There is a reading fee. The fee is however reduced until May 6th. For more info click here.

While this might seem intimidating, with a reading fee and all, there’s one place I’m going to tell you about. Black Treacle is looking for submissions in Horror, Dark Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. It’s a great place for new writers to send submissions! You even get paid. A thing to note is that the magazine is Canadian and thus they favour Canadian writing – but they accept and print submissions from anyone anywhere. For more info click here.

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2 thoughts on “Four places to send your writing!

  1. Great info, Fredrik. I need to try my hand at a contest again. I won’t have anything written in time for these. Maybe the next go around.

    1. You definitely should try a few out when you have time. I’ll keep posting competitions I hear of so check back when you feel you have the time 🙂 Good luck with everything!

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