Back from baking!

I spent the weekend baking, in case you were wondering where I went. Now, when I’m back home, I feel absolutely exhausted. Never realized how tiring it is to be a proud baker in a baker’s hat! Have you done your holiday baking yet? (probably not, I’m really early on this one, but are you planning on doing it, or will you buy everything from a bakery?)



7 thoughts on “Back from baking!

  1. Sacrificing poetry and blogging for BAKING? 😛 Funnily enough, one thing on my bucket list is to do some cooking/baking, and I’m hoping to bake cookies this week-end! 🙂

    1. Be sure to snap some pics so you can show them on your blog! 😀 (which I will be visiting tomorrow, btw. Already made time for “Eliza blog reading.” Now I just hope everything goes as planned!)

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