Beautiful Blogger Award

Last week I was rewarded with the “Beautiful Blogger Award” by Nazish. Thank you very much! It’s been quite some time since I won an award (nearly a year I believe). I won’t recommend other people for the award, as usual, but you’re welcome to nominate yourself in the comments, or send me a message to do so, if you wish. Here are the rules:


1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Seven things about me:

1:  When I told a good friend of mine, back in high school, that I would try to become an author he simply sneered, said: “Good luck with that, but honestly, don’t waste you time. It’s impossible to get published, and even if you did, you wouldn’t sell enough to make a living.” I replied: “Oh, but I will get published, and I will make a living. I’ll make lots of money in fact, but that won’t be the reason I’ll write. I’ll do it because I enjoy it and because I owe it to humanity. My stories are great.”
2: As of recently I am getting a bit worried that my friend was right. But that doesn’t matter. I’ll keep writing for as long as I’m able – even if no one ever reads my work.
3: I wear Ortho-K lenses during the night.
4: Even though I work out every day and possess quite an impressive physique I love eating sweets in all forms and am somewhat afraid I will one day, probably when I’m older, lose my fitness.
5: I have often considered closing this site until my first novel is published, since it’s taking up a lot of time that I could spend writing, but the support I have received is overwhelming (I had over 2 500 e-mail subscribers the last time I checked) and could never do it for my fans who, at least once a week, sends me messages on facebook asking how the querying it going.
6: I have a great taste in music.
7: I have never found anyone who shares my taste in music.

Bloggers I am nominating:

Check my other awards to see what blogs I usually read.



Another fun fact: I promised myself to write one post every day until Christmas… This one does not count so guess I have 3 more hours to fulfill my promise!

Also; to those blogger I tend to frequent, the reason I have not visited in a while is because I have a lot of things to do right now. I want to get the second Draft of Project 1 done before Christmas so I’ve been trying as hard as I can do get that done. I’ll try to make time to visit your sites.


– F H Hakansson

9 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations 😀 Hehe, what kind of music do you listen to? I am glad you dismissed the idea of closing down this blog. That would have been so sad! (because I wouldn’t have been able to see you on live camera! LOL).

    1. The cam will be active once I get started on Project 3! Which I believe will be at the beginning of next year. Then it’ll be one almost every day for 2 -3 months, so look forward to that (I know I am, haha!)
      I guess the main genre would be: symphonic metal, electronic rock, progressive rock, space rock and rock operas (Ayreon, Avantasia, Kamelot, Faunts) I also listen to a lot of electronic compositions (think Vangelis and Klaus Schulze) and even more obscure things such as ethereal ambiance and industrial soundscapes when mixed with certain genres of pop (Delereium, Conjure One).
      Does any of this even ring a bell? What do you listen to?

      1. You’ve got a third novel planned??? I’m guessing it’s a series? Or is it a trilogy?
        Um I don’t know ANY of the musicians/bands you have named!! I’m a classical music person. I love Chopin, Mozart, Brahms, Bach … yeah pretty much every composer 🙂 For variety I sometimes listen to Rihanna, The Scrip, or Christina Perri 🙂

      2. Of course! The first novel is independent but the second one is the start of a series. I might write the first two or three entries only depending on if anyone picks it up.
        The classic composers are great! I do love their songs, and even though I do listen to them at times, I feel they are unappreciated by many young people today. It makes me glad to hear they account you enjoy them!

  2. Congrats. Don’t worry about the blog visiting. I’m still catching up after having missed most November posts of my fellow bloggers.

    A post a day until Christmas? Are you mad? 😉

    1. It is hard to catch up. I have around twenty tabs open so I can go through them whenever I have time, but I literally have something new to do which takes up almost all of my time. Oh well…

      Haha, I felt mad when I wrote it, but so far I’ve succeeded. I wonder for how long it will last.

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