I am no master photographer

… but I wish I was. This is because I felt there was a need for me to publish my poetry accompanied by a photo to either reflect the mood of the poem or enhance its meaning by adding a visual element. The problem is that I don’t want to go to google all the time and find a picture you might have seen before. That’s why 99% of all pictures on this site are either taken by me or my friends. Unfortunately I don’t have that many good photos because I seldom take any and, if I do, they are hardly artistic. That’s where the problem lies. I have written a lot of poetry I still haven’t published because I can’t find good pictures for them (I’ve used all the good ones already!) which is one of the reasons it has been rather empty here lately. When I find myself spending over 1h browsing the folders of my computer to find a picture I just stop and go and do something else. So from now on I’ll post my texts even if they have no pictures. At least then I’ll have something here.



… and the fact that I’ve been busy IRL also contributes to the fact that I haven’t published anything in nearly a week.. Last Friday one of my friends had a farewell party because she’s going back to Australia soon. We kind of celebrated (even without her) until last night (though we just played games the last two days). Anyhow – I’m going to England this weekend but I’ll publish things and answer comments until then!


Sometimes life sucks. But then I laugh.


– F H Hakansson

10 thoughts on “I am no master photographer

  1. “Sometimes life sucks. But then I laugh.” Hahahahaha, that made me laugh!! I do the opposite 🙂 Have a good trip to England, make use of your time in the plane to write …

  2. ‘Sometimes life sucks. But then I laugh.’ YES!! Love it! Have a good trip. 🙂 Oh, and about the pics for your poetry, try going to like the 20th or 50th page. Maybe you’ll find a hidden treasure.

    1. Thank you! 😀
      Yes that’s true. That’s also an option! A friend (who is a photographer) just texted me saying I can copy all of his photos to use here. Lovely!

      1. You can use my modelling photos anytime you need an okay-looking girl 😛 Hahaha just joking (I don’t know about which part though).

  3. I am quite happy publishing a poem without a picture unless I feel it is really important. As you say, it can take so long to try and find something that’s just right. A lame pic not only spoils the impact of that text but also devalues the whole notion of accompanying pics when they aren’t all relevant. In addition, I often actually want to leave some ambiguity in a piece, and that can be reduced if readers are pointed in a particular direction by a specific image.

    1. I agree completely. A spot on picture can add so many dimensions to a piece – but it might also ruin it. Sometimes a poem works, or is interpreted, one way in the author’s mind but another reader might read the poem differently. In such a case the picture would ruin everything.

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