On my way to Stockholm

I’m on my way to stockholm now so any posts from now until Monday evening will be posted from my phone.

so why am I going there when I have a novel to work on? I wonder that myself. Rich, fame, and morally corrupt women won’t come to me unless I’ve got a novel published (kidding. All of that comes to me regardless).
I’m actually going to a gaming concert with a friend. I’ll see my mom too, of course, but the concert’s the main thing. Kind of would have waited a week if I would have known about a certain thing that I’m missing out on…

I am sitting in the most worn out train I’ve ever seen. It’s run by three dogs with rabies, running aimlesslt in an oversized guinea pig wheel, and a steam engine from the 1850’s…. Three biggest loser contestants just biked past me on a tandem bicycle. They laughed.

Only Danish people seem to have numbered seats on the train. About 5% of the travelers are Danish. Of course I had to end up picking a seat reserved by a Dane. He came after an hour of travel. So I moved but all other seats were occupied. Took 20 min to find a vacant one. This whole event is quite ironic considering I nearly always travel first class. This time I simply didn’t care. “First class is not that different anyway” I thought. Oh, the humanity!

Also, I would like to update you on Project 2 since a lot of my readers have been asking. The “quick” editing is taking longer than I thought. So far I have processed about 43% of the novel. The problem is that some parts are completely underdeveloped and some have been rewritten entirely. That takes time. I should, luckily, be done within a week after getting back. I want to play Skyrim after all!


11 thoughts on “On my way to Stockholm

  1. I really hope that the “thing” you’re missing out on, is playing Skyrim and not our HP-day! For your own sake!

    Btw.. I’ve got no idea why I’m digging up my old english skills when you and me both speak swedish perfectly (even though skånska and småländs/halländska don’t always count as swedish)

    1. Considering how much I complain about missing out on the HP day I think you already know the answer to that one. You know, it’s still not to late to move it to next weekend 😉 unless, of course, you and Bella have one more Hp day next week that I can join in on! 😀

      Because you’re cool like that! 😉
      And you’re right. No one up here understands anything.

      “Riktigt roligt att vara här!”
      “Förlåt, jag hörde inte. Du har en massa rullande R i munnen.”

      And now I wrote in Swedish so I’m not a cool cat anymore. sigh. On my own website…

  2. you always travel first class, hahahaha that’s tooo expensive for me dude XD. lol. but really didn’t you feel like joining running in the ginny-pig wheel, sounded like fun lol. haha

    1. It’s not that much better (usually) so you’re not missing out on much 😉 But let’s hope that one day you’ll be able to go first class all the time without worrying whether you can afford it or not 😀
      Hahaha, it would have been a fun workout! I’ve always wanted to try one of those inflatable balls that you run on water with. Kind like a guinea pig wheel for humans. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you tried it?

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