Carnivore – 450gr of meat

I worship meat and all the gluttonous cravings I get for the flow of juice from dead animals.
Today I ate a burger called “Carnivore” at Texas Long Horn in Stockholm. It contained a lovely 450gr of meat! I slaughtered the cow myself by beheading it using a telephone pole supoort wire. It was the most humane method I could think of.
I’ll get back to Malmo tomorrow night. Back to editing (and Skyrim)!



Since this was not enough to fill me up (I should have gone for 600gr) I ordered an Oreo cookie cake! I came twice while eating it. Best sex in a long time!


12 thoughts on “Carnivore – 450gr of meat

  1. Åhh jag avlider, jag hade kunnat döda för den hamburgaren!!! Levt på ris i flera veckor nu och inte en enda köttbit 😦

    1. Really? You’re like the only person I know that doesn’t like hamburgers. I think you just haven’t had a hamburger that tastes good enough for you 😉
      and don’t you like cheese? I love cheese

      1. i lalallaall LOOVE cheese, (i’m dutch, -dude like 88% of dutch people are addicted to cheese – we’re the fricking CHEESECOUNTRY).
        but cheese on a hamburger, that’s just wrong…..

      2. Of course! I forgot you were Dutch 😉
        When I was younger I could eat a chunk of cheese for dinner haha. Love it so much! Would be fun to go to the Netherlands and try some of your cheese!
        What’s your favourite dish, then? 🙂

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