Round Feet

Round Feet

The sun fell and dark reigned.

A man had himself a drink for he felt drained.

He walked around with round feet,

Until he saw a woman so sweet.

He asked for a dance and they tumbled all night,

And he brought her home without a fight.

They made love in his bed so neat,

Even though she was not easy on her feet.

She cried with joy,

and said they would have boy.

He told her ‘Sweet dreams,

I hope I don’t hear any screams.’

She replied – “I won’t, we’ll have a son!”

He woke up to find a bed empty and alone,

and the memory of last night returned,

and it pained him indeed.

He had stayed at home with a bottle in hand,

and hugged a shadow of the life he once had,

for the woman was his once upon a time.

Now she lies dead,

rotting in her grave,

cradling their son in her arms.

– F H Hakansson

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