Only two thirds to go

So I have done it. A few days ago I reached the 25% border and now I’m at 33%. It feels good to see my novel shaping up nicely (even though the quality of writing could be improved in certain sections. Though that will be left for the editing process).


You might ask yourself, “what does he mean by ‘33% of target completed’?” Well, I have skilfully deduced, using highly advanced mathematical formulas and the DEEP BLUE supercomputer, that by using my overall plot planning and cross referencing it with the draft, I can see roughly how long each section will be, and how long it takes to write. The end result is that the novel should be finished no later than by the end of November (excluding editing, of course) and be around 400 pages long (this depends on format, of course).


So there you have it! The overall plan? Well if I can have an edited version by the end of the year I hope I should have an agent and a publisher a year later – by the fall of 2012. It is, after all, the end of the world.

In a few days I will start spreading the URL to people and, in a sense, make the website public. Even though I have only given the URL to one person (my sister) it glads me that I still have a lot of anonymous people visiting! Hope you are looking forward to the novel!

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