So.. I heard you guys like Diablo III [& Poem: Lord of Darkness]

After seeing the mind boggling increase in traffic after my Diablo III post I should probably skip poetry and prose and just report about my video games habit? (just kidding). Now, what about Diablo poetry? Ah, yes! Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before.

The poet raises a beige ceramic cup to his lips and slurps steaming coffee. A gear turns in his mind. It grinds upon the wheels and levels of his intellect. Within moments a thought pops into his head. A thought – a word – a sentence – a poem.

Lord of Darkness

For twenty years flowers bloomed in Sanctuary.

For twenty years I rested.

Oh, fury of Hell,

Heed my words.

Brothers who fell,



Brothers who rule,



Their world is ours to rape.

The humans whisper prophecies of destruction,

 of vengeance forged in flames.

They have seen darkness rise in the skies,

from a world beyond the horizon.

Tyrael, angelic protector of people,

you are no more.

Heroes of light,

Mortals who bleed,

Your death is nigh.

As I gaze upon the dawn

of a world dressed in fire,

The Eternal Conflict ends.

Not even Death can save you.

I am returned

 – F H Hakansson

6 thoughts on “So.. I heard you guys like Diablo III [& Poem: Lord of Darkness]

  1. I guess I would enjoy the poem more if I had a better idea of what it was about 😛 But I enjoyed it anyway, you set the atmosphere really well.

    1. I’m glad you found it enjoyable 😀 My biggest concern about writing a poem like this was that people who have not played might not appreciate it.

  2. Reading your comment tells me that this poem is about a video game??? Am I correct? If so, perhaps you could send this to the manufacturer or some big shot as a marketing tool! 🙂

  3. Jag skiter väl i några jävla dikter om Diablo. Det enda jag vill ha är gula items!
    PS: Jag gillade dikten. För jag gillar dig.

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