To be a better man

kind and loving

not hiding in a lie

Do I have to forgive trespasses?

And words and deeds

raping my heart?

Why are you blind

to my torment

and the cause of suffering?

Surely you must know?

You must see.

I know you can see.

I know you know why

I hide in a shell.

If I reveal the demon within

You must take him and leave.


But if I don’t

He will torment me

and we must depart.


If you wish to save me

he must vanish.


– F H Hakansson

24 thoughts on “Retrospect

    1. I guess you’re right šŸ˜‰ Still – it would be nice to catch a break every now and again. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we woke up tomorrow and found ourselves in a world resembling the one found in Huxley’s “Brave New World?” I would thrive

      1. Yes – that would be another wonderful alternative. I do believe you are right. If the “I” that I currently am (myself) would find myself in a new world I think the one in “Island” would be Utopian – but if I were to be reborn into a new society without the memory and experiences of this one – would I prefer “Island” or “Brave New World”? For me that is a difficult question…

    1. Haha yes the photo is creepy. It comes from a sex museum in Amsterdam I went to a few years back. I think this is the only picture not showing genitals or some form of sexual act.

    1. I feel that through the written words is the only accurate way I can express myself. You should see me in real life. I stutter like a stricken pig.
      I do hope my novels will be great and that you will one day enjoy them! I am doing my best to create epic pieces of writing that will last for a long time!

  1. Hello, Thank you for the ‘like’. I really dug your post/poem. Goes right to it. I have found most cannot express what they see for gift is in song and word..with that I intend to show in example..Peace Tony

    1. You’re welcome Tony! You know I check your blog nearly every day. I do like your writing šŸ˜‰
      Same here. I am best at expressing myself through the written word. Poems like these truly flash my soul bare open and show my inner self and feelings even if I’m not aware of them myself.

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