Happy Birthday to me!

There is a reason I haven’t published anything for a few days. Namely because it was my birthday yesterday and I spent the whole weekend celebrating (and recovering)! All of yesterday was spent answering over a hundred calls, texts, and various messages. Never realized getting older took so much effort! So now I’m back in the game, writing the last few (but long and important) scenes of my novel. I wish I remembered to take a pictures of my celebration, but alas, I did not. You will simply have to picture me dancing around like a spastic monkey like there’s no tomorrow. Instead I will provide you with a paparazzi photo of me wearing glasses. Something you rarely see (hence the photographer even got on the bus with me to get a closer look!). My treat.





I’ll go muse hunting today so I have more poetry to feed you from tomorrow and on!




– F H Hakansson

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