Martian Poem

Another University exercise poem. Ah, we just love those, don’t we? Anyhow – we had to write a poem about something ordinary through the eyes of Martians. Can you guess what I’m talking about?

Martian Poem

The yellow bird is watching them as they enter the building.
Often it contains a smell, hideous to us, delightful to them.

Yet it seems necessary for this place to exist
for it prevents another corrupt hierarchy of man.

They sit in silence, stare, as they replenish their fuel,
meat, bread, potatoes and salad is all they need to live.

Humans of every gender, religion, size and age come here,
to this place where they are all equals.

This place also pays respect to the old tradition of man,
because here they use their bare hands.

It is very simple really. It’s a poem about McDonalds (of course!). I remember finding it extremely difficult to think of something to write about. I would say the result it OK but not great. I tried to reinterpret the act of actually going to McDonalds and what it may look like to an outside. The “yellow bird” is of course their logo and the main motive behind the poem is the fact that everyone, despite gender, class, race, or income, eat at McDonalds and I wanted to play with this. Thus, in the eyes of Martians, McDonalds exists to level all man equals and make them remember that they once were cavemen (since they have to eat with their hands!). Wish I had something of better quality to publish, but I think that won’t happen until Project 2 has gone past its second phase which is writing (the first phase being planning/preparing for it, then comes writing, then editing etc…) But since I prefer Burger King I’ll feature this post with a blurry picture of BK food. Enjoy!

– F H Hakansson

3 thoughts on “Martian Poem

  1. I like your work so much! Can’t wait for Project 2 to be released 🙂 Do you have an official name for it? Also love the Martian poem! You have really given me some inspiration, so thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I have a working name for it. Whether that is the final name for the novel or not depends on my eventual agent and publisher but I hope to keep the working title. You can actually spot the name of Project 2 in one of the pictures published on the site. Won’t tell which one. Happy hunting 😉

  2. Interesting poem. I never thought about McDonalds that way. Though I agree the language could be a bit cleaner, simpler, it is overall good. I appreciate it.

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