I put myself in solitude to tame the demons and angels conflicting within of me, though I am afraid it was all for nothing.

They put me in a prison of books; telling tales of the Church and religion, mocking poetry and people conflicted with their sexual identity. Is this really helping Seypher‘s release?

I try my best but my Virtue is not rewarded. 

Only one more year…
One more year and I’ll be set free…

– An Old memory.

3 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Very interesting topic , appreciate it for posting . I have read about this Seypher in other posts . Elaborate please ? Nice work

    1. You have a very keen eye I must say. I accidentally tagged him in a post written by Stephen. I noticed my mistake shortly afterwards but didn’t bother to change it. I can’t tell you much about Seypher, at least for now, but I can assure you, in a year or two you will hear a lot from, and about, him!

      Thanks for commenting.

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