Principle of Salvation

For this corrupt world seeks Salvation. This Salvation comes through good morals and deeds – something which was possible a long time ago. Crime and corruption is synonymous with anonymity and like that it shall remain as long as a person can perish beyond our world unforgotten – and unnamed.

How can we then bring Salvation to Humankind?

The lands in the west and those of great industry and progress believe Salvation can be brought upon the world by helping those who are less fortunate. This is wrong. This is wrong because those who live in these developed areas in the west have not reached Salvation themselves. In order to bring a total happiness and global Salvation one need to start from one dot – one human – one home – one street – one area – one city – one region – one country – and so on.
When the starting point has been decided one expands a communal surveillance around that individual so that every action and move is recorded and stored. This person is unable to remain anonymous and his neighbours, friends, and the world, will know who he is. If he commits an act of treason it will be a public act which will bring him shame and guilt.

But this act will never be committed – became he is not anonymous. He is a person who is known, a person with a name and a face even before the crime is committed – not a person who is given a name and a face after the crime.

This nation of Salvation will not be one referred to as “Big Brother State” because even though the Big Brother watches and judges he is still willing to help his little sibling. This nation of Salvation will be known as a “Parental State” for the parents exercise complete rule with control and with perfect authority to create a harmonious home and family – because they keep a watch on their children who are unable to survive on their own.

SEE Project UTOPIA for further reference.

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