5 thoughts on “VII: Neil Gaiman’s advice to aspiring artists


    Perhaps …
    Just for the sake of argument
    That my unique point of view
    Might change the world if only
    – And never you mind the size of
    Of that “if only” – I put it out there

    Perhaps …
    It’s that I’m a little lacking in hubris
    But I’m not convinced it would help
    Hitler, Mao Tse-tung spring to mind
    And I may not wake up tomorrow
    When the reforms will surely go to pot

    Perhaps …
    It might be an idea have a back-up plan
    So if I do ever find myself unexpectedly
    Importuned by some benighted meanderer
    Having handily both Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu
    I’ll give them the books, and an encouraging smile

    1. Nice to have criticism in this form! First of all, yes, a back-up plan is always needed. Even if you do have a unique point of view the world is still dominated by demand and if your thoughts, so to speak, are not needed your art will not be appreciated and thus not able to earn your living. What happens if we manage to unleash ideology having the same horrible effect on society as communism? well – one can never know until it is too late.

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