V: Well


A foul creature rummaged the mud.

No sunlight shone

down the bottom of the well.

Ragged corpses and mocking skeletons

His only companions.

Jagged teeth and broken nails

scratched the stone walls.

“I want out!”

The echo drowned his roar.

One last breath

and all would fade away.

Beyond closed eyes

a spark of light – an angel

Four wings on each side

a spider from heaven.


He took her hand.

The two faded away.


– F H Hakansson

3 thoughts on “V: Well

  1. I don’t really know what this is about, but I like to think that the wall, without a drop of sunlight, is depression, and that the angel is death.

    1. The angel is incidentally death – though I originally planned the angel to simply be a human being, someone who loves the creature, and it is simply a rebirth from “depression.” Now I am not sure. It is what my readers want it to be πŸ™‚

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