Back from America!

It’s been an awesome – but tiring – trip. I could spend days recalling all the amazing experiences I had but it would simply take too much time. I’ll post some highlighting photos here to quickly recapture my trip from Copenhagen to New York to San Francisco to Santa Barbara, via Big Sur, to Las Vegas and finally, after stopping by Santa Barbara again for a few days, to Los Angeles.

Biggest disappointment: How bad I look in these pictures – No, probably that I got soaked watching the Waterworld show at Universal Studios and had to walk around there for 2 hours in wet clothes. Thus I got, and still am, ill. Besides that our flight back was delayed 1h which meant we missed our Copenhagen flight. Air France gave us a free meal. Too bad the recommended restaurant only had one meal available. Duck.

Most memorable moment: Taking the last bite out of the Quadrouple Bypass Burger at Heart Attack Grill – thus I finished eating the world’s (as set by Guinness world records) most calorific burger.

Biggest surprise: That I would stand face to face with a space shuttle.

Greatest food: Signature fruit salad at Applebee’s.

Best Drink: Butter shaved cookie cough vodka shake at Heart Attack Grill.

Most unexpected moment: Meeting a hermit with a pet raven in the mountains of Ojai.

Now I’ll try to catch up with what I’ve missed this past month. I hope you haven’t missed me too much. Besides going away for a few weekends this month I have no more serious travelling planned so you’ll have me all to yourself!

– F H Hakansson

4 thoughts on “Back from America!

  1. Well there you are! I was just thinking about you (creepy, hey! 😛 ). Am just about to start viewing your photos … hope to read some of your poetry or prose soon as well 🙂

    1. Haha, I’ll just take that as my poetry having left a good impression on you and you are starting to miss it! 😉 There will be more in a day or two! You don’t have to wait for long. Let’s just hope I haven’t lost my edge while away from my computer for a month.

    1. Neither can I. It was literally drenched in fat haha. I felt ill for nearly 48h afterwards and it took just as long to eat normally again. My friend who tried to eat it as well can’t eat burgers any more.

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