This New Year – Our Last

I wrote this poem several weeks ago. I was supposed to publish it during New Year’s but I never had time. Since we are still in the dawn of 2012 I’ll publish it now (before it’s too late).

This New Year – Our Last

Twinkle Twinkle little star

I know who and where you are

A spirit watching the dead sail across the sky

as their souls hide in the spectacle of the New Year

I will find you and haunt you

Somewhere in time

I refuse to be a moth

To your flame.

– F H Hakansson

9 thoughts on “This New Year – Our Last

  1. Heck why can’t I understand poetry at all?! I have no idea where you’re getting at or what your point is … Not offense or anything, it just gets me annoyed 😛 When I read the first two lines I was singing them to myself on Mozart’s tune haha.

    1. Hahaha it’s fine! Well I would say it’s almost impossible to know what this is about without me telling you.

      It takes place in a world where the dead travel to the heavens during the festivities of New Year’s. One of these spirits fled and travelled somewhere else to some unknown time. The narrator is searching for this spirit and is willing to go through time to find this spirit.
      So far there’s really no meaning to the poem (except a story) but everything comes in the last stanza – which is a metaphor for love. The narrator is obsessively in love and is willing to do everything to find his love. This is shown in the image of the spirits (where the narrator is willing to search across the whole world, amongst all the world’s people, through all ages of man, to find the one he loves) yet he denies this obsession by stating he won’t get to close to her fire (love) and thus burn alive (like a moth).

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