Market of the Christmas Elves

Market of the Christmas Elves

On Christmas Day in the palm of a warty goblin

rested a Christmas elf in bondage.

The goblin spoke:

“I shall free the elf for the price of all your kindness

and thus you shall never again see the man in red or Christmas-

but a person who leaves an elf in bondage is forever naughty

and the gifts you live your life to receive shall be yours no more.”

I took the elf from the goblin’s hand, removed his strains, and spoke:

“There shall be no deal or bargain for I do not haggle.

I freed the elf with my own power and wit.

It seems you forgot the power of Man.”

– F H Hakansson

19 thoughts on “Market of the Christmas Elves

    1. Yes it really is 🙂 Felt like I wanted to do a Christmas poem (even though it’s still early December). Same here! I love the snow and the Christmas spirit and all the festivities 😀 Christmas has always been my favourite holiday.

  1. Great poem, Fredrik! I’m a sucker for Christmas as well, and anything that shimmers with the spirit I find absolutely wonderful. What a strong message. Well done!

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