Poetry done – Prose to come!

All the poetry written for the University, which was not on my laptop, has been published now. I have more poems, some written for non-University purposes and a lot of shorter ones on my laptop which I can’t power on, but none of them will be published. Yet. Instead I’ll try to publish new material here. Not that I write poetry often, in fact I nearly never do it, but if I do it will be posted here.

That leaves prose – my preferred style of writing. The problem with prose is that I don’t see myself as a good author of short stories and thus I don’t have that much to share since most of my effort is put into my novels. However – I do have a first chapter of a novel I wrote for the University which I will publish tomorrow. I am currently looking through it now to do some quick edits (spelling mistakes only), so I’m mainly leaving it as it is, because I believe there is a charm to texts you wrote years back which I don’t want to meddle with. People change, as do their style of writing, and there will be plenty of contemporary material to read once Project 2 is finished. Therefore I want you to enjoy this piece for what it is – an old university assignment – and not a piece I use to display my writing abilities.

– F H Hakansson

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