Semester 1 done!

Yesterday I handed in all my semester 1 coursework. Hurray for me! I felt liberated, happy, and went for £2 cocktails at Font bar close to the Uni. It was a good day. I was supposed to clean today (I’ve got course papers everywhere) but I slept instead – hah!


3 months of work – all bound and done!

I didn’t spend the last two months just studying. I went to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, the Christmas market, and back to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family and New Year’s with friends among other things.

Now I need to shower and head over to Lola Lo for a dinner. Stay classy (eh, Fred!) and I’ll be with you shortly, dear readers!

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Follow the up-and-coming science fiction author from Sweden as he shares his creative visions, his every day life, and journey to authorship.

8 responses to “Semester 1 done!”

  1. Ben Naga says :

    I guessed, following the hints in earlier posts, that the course was demanding an awful lot of time and effort. I hope your work will be well received and that the course turns out to be of great personal and professional use also.

    Meanwhile: any news re. your own efforts to get your book published?

    • fhhakansson says :

      I really hope so too! But I think it will. It’s been great so far and I’ve met a tonne of authors. Next semester there will be agents and publishers coming as well.
      I haven’t hear anything yet. The manuscript is still with an agent. I can’t express how much I want the agency to like to novel and sign me. It would mean the world. But we’ll have to wait and see :) I promise to give you any updates! How is your own work going? I see that you have kept up as always – I’m really impressed! I’ll have to read some of it tomorrow :)

      • Ben Naga says :

        Yes, as you can see I am beavering away. As for the outcome; that’s up to you to judge. :) And your course work is far more important as you are on the clock. Good to hear from you anyway.

  2. djemila says :

    YAY!!!!:) WELL DONE

  3. Jabadaba da daba says :

    Your friend is really handsome. But what is it that hangs on the wall?

    • fhhakansson says :

      His name’s Mahatma Soppslurk. I think the two of you would be great friends! And that is a modern art piece hanging there on the wall. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

  4. Eliza says :

    Woohoo, congratulations! Your portfolios look really professional! So are you back in the UK now or still in Sweden?
    As a side note, I haven’t written in ages and it’s annoying me. Every time I try to write I just either run out of things to write about or can’t make anything sound as good as I want it to! It’s been like this for like 2 months now :( Any suggestions on how I could over come this?

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