Monthly update: September

It is the first day of September, and my last day (for now) in my apartment in Sweden. Tomorrow is the day that I move to Manchester and I’ve spent 2½ days cleaning so far. How jolly!

Again, I wish I had more time to write this past month but I have spent most of my time preparing for the move and being part of conferences related to a video game project I am working on where I am lead writer. The project is going really well! Part of the manuscript has already been recorded with voice actors (hurrah!). It is truly fascinating to hear your work being interpreted and acted out by professionals. I am hoping to have a video, or playable demo, for you within 2 months.

Once I have settle in Manchester I will return to my usual blogging pace (instead of monthly updates).  But first I need to take a field trip to IKEA! Until then, here’s Ville the party cat!

Ville the Partycat

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4 responses to “Monthly update: September”

  1. Eliza says :

    Hope you had a safe flight to Manchester!!

    • fhhakansson says :

      It was the worst flight ever haha… I will write a post about it, now that I’m back and have internet! I hope you have written a lot of posts that I can read and comment on :)

  2. Ben Naga says :

    Now I hate airports and security personnel even more than before. At least your dreadful flight gave you something to write about. :D

    • fhhakansson says :

      Haha, yes it did! And I have another strange story that happened to me yesterday (it’s just a short, random, and slightly bizarre event. I hope to have time to write about it later today).

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