Monthly Update: August

How wonderful it is to be back! As promised – here comes the monthly report! (or half-monthly, rather, since it hasn’t been a month since my last entry).

I honestly wish I had more time to work on my third novel. So far I’ve only had a handful of days to write and only managed about 10 000 words. At least I have done lots of writing for other projects. One is actually to help write a visual novel. For the draft, we use Inklewriter. It’s awesome and fun. It makes non-linear narrative super easy. Give it a try!

I have also watched Sherlock. Great fun, as it should be considering its 9,2 rating.

But most importantly, I have begun to prepare my move. I will be moving to Manchester on the 1st of September. With exactly a month left I am starting to realize I have a lot of stuff left to do (I actually thought I could finish my new novel beforehand. Silly me).

On another note, Richard House’s latest novel, The Kills, has been longlisted for the Booker prize! Why am I so excited about this? Well, he is my old tutor. He helped me with my first book. He is a wonderful man and an amazing author. I really hope he wins.

I hope to have another post before my next report, which will be written in my new apartment! Pictures will come, I promise. Now I’m going to keep writing for another 20 – 40 min before my head bumps the keyboard from exhaustion.

Here is a picture of a clown that my girlfriend made. You’re welcome.


About fhhakansson

Follow the up-and-coming science fiction author from Sweden as he shares his creative visions, his every day life, and journey to authorship.

9 responses to “Monthly Update: August”

  1. Ben Naga says :

    Been missing you in line. Keep in touch. We are, after all, destined to meet up. I’ve been writing and posting all kinds of stuff meantime. :)

  2. Eliza says :

    Love the drawing, you have a talented girlfriend! :P Have fun in Manchester when you go!!

  3. That Paki Boy says :

    You’re on a roll! They say writers’ lives are tough. You make it sound fun :D

  4. witnessthefire says :

    That clown is adorable but kinda creepy! You’ve watched Sherlock?! YEY. I love Sherlock, any theories about how he survived?

    • fhhakansson says :

      Yes! I love it :D No idea to be honest. It feels like he’ll outwit me whatever theory I have. I’m certain it has something to do with Molly thought (which seems obvious). What about you? Any theories? I can’t wait for season 3!

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