Back again!

There and back – again! I spent one night in my own bed after Spain before heading to Stockholm for Midsummer. At last I’m back home. I hope you had a lovely time without me. Here are some randomly selected pictures (it’s true. I threw dice.) Unfortunately my thumb ruined a lot of good photos, so I ruled them out. This has never happened to me before. I guess I got careless in the heat and kept thumbing the lens. Oh well… Here you go!



And now I have two stories to edit! But first I need to finish The Last of Us. 

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Follow the up-and-coming science fiction author from Sweden as he shares his creative visions, his every day life, and journey to authorship.

5 responses to “Back again!”

  1. Eliza says :

    Yay, you’re back! Yay, photos!! :D

  2. Eliza says :

    PS: I went to Barcelona when I was little, and I totally remember the Sagrada Familia and that random Gaudi house!!!

    • fhhakansson says :

      There will always be photos ;) It´s amazingly beautiful, isn´t it? :D I wish I spent more time in Barcelona itself. It was so much more beautiful than I first imagined!

  3. Haseeb says :

    Cool pics! I hope your writing’s coming along well :)

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